Approval of Membership

1. Upon getting any membership form duly filled in, this will be scrutinized and shall be placed in the meeting of The Executive Committee for approval. Once membership is approved, it will be informed to the intending members as per his/her postal address or any other contact address.

2. Upon receipt of such approval from The Executive Committee, the applicant for membership may arrange the payment either through Banker’s Demand Draft made out in favour of the Bangladesh Hindu Foundation or may be send the amount through any authorized Government approved money changer in the following Bank Account Numbers and address :-

# Name Details
1 Bank Name South East Bank Ltd. Momin Road Branch
2 Address 370-A/378 Momin Road, Moitree Bhavan, Chittagong, Bangladesh.
3 Bank Account Number STD – 0013100000001

3. Upon realization of the amount, proper money receipt shall be issued to the member in his/her address.