Our Mission

Chittagong is a scenic city with hills, hillocks, green fields and land of rivers. It stands by the side of a river Karnafuly and to the south of Bay of Bengal. It is a well-known port city not only in Bangladesh but also in the in the South Asia. The city is a den of different types of people having similar habits. The majority of citizens are Muslim and the rest are Hindu, Buddhists, and Christians.

With an intention of well being of the Hindu community of the country some local intelligentsia came forward to establish Bangladesh Hindu Foundation in 1983. A six storied building with a Temple was constructed along the Moitree Bhaban, Momin Road formerly known as Hari Khola Math (Field).

In the light of our magnificent cultural heritage an enormous contribution to the world, society, civilization, culture and moral values of the Hindus have been enlightened to modern humankind. From the age of VEDA and UPANISHADS till to-day’s auspicious conjunction, our culture and religion are perpetually flowing from time immemorial. In this awkward predicament world of hunger, poverty, death and disease, our eternal message is still pronounced through million’s voice for the establishment of parity, goodwill, peace and humanity. We shall remain very much alive in future holding the same message.

On the other hand, it is true that continuous conflicts between various ideologies and opinions, selfishness, self contentedness, bewildered social environment, volatile economy, disunity and lack of confidence, unethical mental desire are continuously chasing us towards a serious disaster. Our social and religious life became fragile. An unhealthy and unusual atmosphere slowly and slowly rather in the fastest speed in encircling us. The whole society is trying to move forward with broken legs. THE HINDU SOCIETY is not an exception but fully emerged in the hassle.

To protect the whole society from such degradation, necessity has been felt seriously to relieve us of the hindrances of all ills. This agonizing feeling is for all individuals and for the people of all walks of life in the society. The worsening condition of Hindus, in general, in Bangladesh cannot be dreamt of by any civilized society of the world.

After proper evaluation of the prevailing hydra headed problems, the conscious section o the Hindu Society of Chittagong felt the determined necessity of forming an organization like Bangladesh Hindu Foundation in the year 1983. They came to a consensus that on the basis of concerted efforts, co-operation, sincere participation of all the people of the society, a full-fledged service-oriented forum can only materialize the expectation of the society to a great extent. Because, ‘Unity in Diversity’ is the ago old philosophy and that philosophy opinions thoughts unity’s adoration is our religion’s main character and that is the only way to extend consciousness of freedom which is the prime need of the day. Keeping such noble view ahead “BANGLADESH HINDU FOUNDATION” has been formed as a sociology-religion-economic organization. Foundation’s clear concept is, we are all religious but not bigot. We are totally against all types of religious prejudice and bigotry. Religion, to Foundation, means humanity, society-consciousness, patriotism, mutual patience, endurance for humankind, development and we are engaged to put forward all these ideologies ahead. Because, we believe “He who loves mankind, serves “The God”. For national interest, social and religious cripple Dom, protecting Hindu Society through social services Foundation is confirmed to work in all the stages. Of course, some social services are related to total human community irrespective of caste, creed, color and religion. This organization hates bigotry as it is a terrible enemy of the humanity. The Hindu Foundation is by no means a commercial organization. It has been experienced that Communism cannot be eradicated by counter Communism; rather it is possible to create an elegant society through good wishes and love for everybody in the society.