Future Plan

Bangladesh Hindu Foundation most sincerely intends to materialize all the 22 (Twenty Two) aims and objects to a great extent so that a large number of helpless, poverty-stricken people may be benefited in multiple ways. Recently a proposal has been taken to provide hand driven sewing machines to poor women and cow/goats to needy persons for their livelihood. Bangladesh Hindu Foundation is thinking to set-up a computer training institute for educated unemployed youths where students will be trained by computer experts to build-up their carrier. If any benevolent organization both at home and abroad is found generous to help in this project, it will be most welcome. Other than these, it anybody or organization extend their assistance and co-operation in helping the students for higher study and training in power and gas field, textile technology, higher academic degree for law, medical science, agriculture or in any subject’s, Foundation shall be grateful. As such Bangladesh Hindu Foundation is keeping most fervent appeal to such magnanimous, philanthropic organization’s or individual’s or for their kind assistance.