Aims & Objective

# Description
1 The award scholarships to really poor and meritorious students of the society.
2 To create employment opportunities through setting up cottage and handicraft industries.
3 To rehabilitate educated jobless youths at par with their social status.
4 To accord financial assistance to orphans (specially unmarred girls) in their marriage ceremony.
5 To arrange obsequies of unknown dead bodies.
6 To offer medical treatment to distressed people of the society.
7 To remove all sorts of prejudices and irregularities from the society.
8 To extend legal support for protecting all sorts of human rights of the poor people of the society.
9 To hold seminars, discussions, on special occasions, days etc.
10 To publish religious and other books useful to society.
11 To set a up rich library and a TOLL (Sanskrit language learning institute)
12 To reconstruct and maintain age- old reputed religious temples of the Hindus.
13 To take steps covering all possible matters for protecting human welfare.
14 To extend all-out- co-operation to the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh for social development in all respects.
15 To materialize plans for offering education to the orphans.
16 To create social consciousness against demand for dowry, social backwardness and superstitions.
17 To operate relief and rehabilitation programs.
18 To imbibe all with patriotism and promote unity and amity among people of all colours of life shunning all forms of communism.
19 To extend all possible help and cooperation to distressed social activists, teachers, artists, literature’s and intellectuals or the members of their families.
20 To take appropriate steps in orders to preserve all rights for the protection of religion and culture of the Hindus.
21 To maintain relationship with any allied organization (s) and opiate appropriate works in association with them.
22 To perform all other activities and materialise objects singularly or in association will other organisations which will promote any or other objects of this Foundation.